Women in Defence Forces

Year wise induction details of women officers in the three armed forces during the past three years and current year is as follows:

2017 2018 2019 2020
Indian Army 949 819 364 01
Indian Air Force* 59 59 51 00
Indian Navy 57 38 54 18 (in progress)

*excluding Medical and Dental branch officers.

The number and percentage of women officers in the Indian Navy (except Medical, Dental and MNS branch) is 527 (5.12%).  The corresponding figure in respect of Indian Air Forces is 1601 (13.81%).  The information in respect of Indian Army in this regard is as under:-

S. No. Arm/Service Held strength of women officers as on 01 January, 2020 Percentage (%) of women officer against held strength of respective services as on 01 January, 2020
(i) AAD 69 4.14%
(ii) Engrs 205 14.07%
(iii) Sigs 235 7.71%
(iv) ASC 276 11.87%
(v) AOC 303 15.24%
(vi) EME 275 7.55%
(vii) Int 75 11.26%
(viii) Army Avn 24 3.46%
(ix) AEC 83 24.05%
(x) JAG 103 40.23%

The current number and percentage of women officers in Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) are as under:

Women OfficersArmy (Number/Percentage)

Air Force




TotalMedical Officers1185 (21.25%)265 (29.38%)141 (20.74%)1591 (22.22%)Dental Officers170 (25.15%)07 (20.59%)05 (14.29%)182 (24.43%)Military Nursing Service (MNS)(In all 03 Armed Forces)4658 (100%)

Indian Army is committed to comply to the judgement of Hon’ble Superme Court passed on 17th February, 2020 granting permanent commission to the women officers as per their qualification, professional experience, specialization, if any and organization requirement.

The commanding posts in the Indian Air Force (IAF) are decided purely on merit basis.  There is no embargo for detailment of women officers for Commanding Officers’ post in the IAF.

Male and female officers inducted into the Navy in various Branches/Cadres/Specialisations under similar schemes are treated at par and without discrimination for posting/billeting.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naik in a written reply to Shrimati Vandana Chavan in Rajya Sabha today.

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