Transfer policy guidelines for Postal Employees – Dept of Posts Order

Revision of Pension w.e.f. 1.1.2016 of Pre-2006 pensioners who retired from the 5th CPC scale of Rs. 6500-10500

File No.X-12/1/2019-SPB-II
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi – 110 001
Dated: 30th April, 2020

The Chief Postmaster General,
All Postal Circles

Subject :– Transfer policy guidelines – clarifications.

Madam / Sir,

I am directed to refer to Directorate’s communication number 141-141/2013-SPN-II dated 17.01.2019 vide which revised ‘Guidelines for transfer’ was circulated to all Postal Circles.

2. Para 5 (i) of ibid communication prescribes that the official having more length of service in a unit (Circle or Division, as the case may be) will be placed above the official(s) having less length of service in a unit. Accordingly, PwD officials having less service has to be placed below senior officials. As a result, PwD officials have lesser chance for getting their Rule-38 transfer despite exemption in probation period Or 2 years service. The matter has been examined by the Directorate and Competent Authority has decided as under: –

Transfer requests received from Persons with Disabilities shall be registered first in the request registers (inward & outward) above all other officials based on length of their service but below the wait listed PwD officials if any in a particular year. The officials whose transfer request could not be approved in that particular year and are in the waiting list shall be placed on the top in the request register of subsequent year. Thereafter, fresh applications received during 1st April to 30th June of current year shall be registered by giving preferences to PwD officials (based on length of their service) as previously done. Fresh transfer requests received from PwD officials for current year shall be registered above all other officials (Other than pwD) who are in waiting list Of previous year based on length of service.

Further, preference shall also be given to such officials at the time Of their posting in transferee unit subject to administrative constraints.

Illustration :– Entry in request register for a particular year (2020) –

Four officials namely A, B, C (PwD) & D (PwD) have applied for their transfer under Rule 38 during 1st April to 30th June in the year 2020. A is the senior most among all, B is junior to A, D is junior to B and C is the junior most official. As such, PwD officials shall be registered first in the request register based on length of their service followed by two other officials based on length of their service as well. Accordingly, serial of officials in request register shall be as under: –

Sl.No. Name of the Official
1 D(PwD)
2 C(PwD)
3 A
4 B

Moreover, two officials namely X and Y (PwD) are in waiting list of previous year (2019). Therefore, these two officials shall be placed in top of request register of current year (2020). However, fresh transfer requests received from PwD officials shall be placed above X and below Y (as Y is PWD). Accordingly, serial Of officials in request register for current year (2020) shall be as under :–

Sl.No. Name of the Official
1 Y (PwD)
2 D (PwD)
3 C (PwD)
4 X
5 A
6 B


3.Apart from above, following has also been decided by the Competent Authority:

i. Instructions issued by Department of Personnel & Training regarding posting of husband and wife at same station shall be taken into account while considering request for transfer under Rule-38 on spouse ground.

ii. Rule-38 transfer under mutual exchange shall be considered whenever received in the office of concerned CPMG instead of following schedule prescribed in Transfer Policy Guidelines.

Yours faithfully,

(Muthuraman C)
Assistant Director General (SPN)

Signed Copy


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