Settlement of Dues of Officers/staff on retirement – Railway Board



RBA No. 91/2019
27th September, 2019

General Managers
All Zonal Railways/Production Units

Sub :- Settlement of Dues of Officers/staff on retirement.

Ref :- Railway Board’s letter No. 89/AC-II/21/4 dated 9.3.1989 and 16.4.1990.


Kindly refer to the above mentioned letters issued by Railway Board on the captioned subject. In supersession of these instruction, Board (FC and MS) has approved that following procedure may be enforced with immediate effect:-

1. Officers/Staff should be settled by the Railways/Unit from where the Officers/Staff are retiring. In case Officer/Staff are retiring from Railway Board they can opt for settlement of retirement dues, either from Railway Board or from their lien Railways.

2. In the case of Officers/Staff retiring from Railway Organisations who are not authorized to do final settlement, their settlement should be done by the Railway/Unit where the Officers last worked prior to their transfer to such organization.

3. Nothwithstanding the provision (1) above, in the cases of Officers retiring on deputation, they may have an option to get their settlements either from Railway/Unit where service records, leave account and PF account are maintained. However, this option shall be exercised at least six months in advance.

4. Officers/Staff retiring while on deputation to a Central Government Department are to be settled by the borrowing Departments only..

Director Finance(CCA)
Railway Board

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