Sanction for holding an elective office under Rule 15(1) of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964

Government of India
Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure
O/o. Controller General of Accounts
Room No.202, 2nd Floor, Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
Block-E, G.P.O Complex, INA, New Delhi-110023

Dated: 23.09.2019


Subject : Sanction for holding an elective office under Rule 15(1)© of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964-regarding.

The undersigned is directed to enclose DoPT’s OM No.11013/1/2016-Estt.A-III dated 05.08.2019 (copy enclosed) on the above cited subject wherein it has been noticed that Government servants continue to hold elective offices in various capacities for unduly long periods even where bye-laws of these bodies place restrictions on the number of consecutive terms .

2. The policy on fixing upper limit of the number of years for which Govt. Servant can hold elective office in any body in their, entire career has been decided. Government servant may be allowed to hold elective office in any body, whether incorporated or not, for period of two terms or for a period of 4 years, whichever is earlier, for which prior sanction would be required when a Govt. servant contests an election in such body as per existing rules.

3. Para 4 of the aforesaid OM provides that where the Govt. Servants have been holding office in any body, whether incorporated or not, for more than four years or in .cases there are charges of corruption, adverse audit Paras etc. the Govt. servant concerned may be directed resign from his office in such body immediately.

4. Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CFC/CC(P)/ADG/CA(with independent charge) are requested to bring the above instructions to the notice of all Govt. Servants for further necessary action.

5. This issues with the approval of Jt. Controller General of Accounts.

Encls : A/a.

(Vipen Kumar)
Senior Accounts Officer (Group ‘A’)

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