Railway Board – Customisation of revision module in ARPAN and IPAS

Railway Board — Customisation of revision module in ARPAN and IPAS

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
Railway Board

Non RBA Letter

No. 2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN

New Delhi, dated 22.08.2019

Pr. Financial Advisors,
All Zonal Railways/Production Units.

Sub :- Revision of pension/family pension — Customisation of revision module in ARPAN and IPAS.

Certain customizations have been made in the Pension revision Module in ARPAN and IPAS. The same are listed below.


Re-revision of the pension revision cases of pre-2006 pensioners who retired from 5th CPC scale of ₹ 6500-10500 or equivalent pay scale in the earlier Pay Commission periods so as to consider Grade Pay of ₹ 4600/-as the corresponding Pay instead of Grade Pay of ₹ 4200/- (in pursuance of Board’s instructions issued vide RBE No. 112 of 2019). In order to have uniformity and clarity in re-revision of such cases, clear endorsement shall invariably be made on these PPOs as “Amended Revised PPOs”. Pension revision for these cases in Pay Commissions prior to 7th CPC shall be carried out in pension application software other than ARPAN and subsequently be ported to ARPAN.

Pension Revision of compulsory retirement cases with 2.57 multiplying factor of pension/family pension as on 01.01.2016 wtihout epins the benefit of Notional Pay., While revising these cases, utmost care may be taken to feed accurate data regarding nature of retirement, amount of pension/family pension as per 6th CPC.


Requisite validations for downloading various Master data viz. Marital status, Designation, Grade Pay, Accounting Unit has been provided in IPAS and can be accessed through the “Help” Menu of IPAS application.

May kindly notify all concerned at the field level.

( V.Prakash)
Joint Director Accounts
Railway Board

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