Extension of fresh enrolment under West Bengal Health Scheme

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Medical Cell, Writers’ Building

No. 48-F(MED) WB



Sub: Extension of fresh enrolment under West Bengal Health Scheme

Indented employees & pensioners of Govt. of West Bengal and in-service officers & pensioners of AIS category who are rendering or have rendered service for the Govt. of West Bengal can enrol themselves under West Bengal Health Scheme through online using WHBS Portal, if not already enrolled. As per existing order no. 39 – F(MED)WB dated 25.06.2019, last date of such enrolment is 31.03.2020.

On assessment, it is found that still a significant number of interested employees or pensioners have not been able to enrol them under this scheme.

Extension of last date of enrolment was under active consideration since some time past.

After careful observations, for the benefit of the eligible Employees and Pensioners as mentioned above, the Governor is now pleased to notify that the :

A. Last date for submission of online application for fresh enrolment by any eligible or earlier left out employees / pensioners of Govt. of West Bengal or AIS officers who are serving or have served for the Government of West Bengal is extended till 31.01.21.

B. Last date for uploading photo, signature and incorporating blood group of each enrolled beneficiaries is also extended till 31.01.21.

C. Last date for approval by the Head of Office in the WBHS Portal for such fresh application or uploaded photo, signature, etc. of all cases mentioned in sl. no. (A) & (B) is 31.03.2021.

It is further reiterated that the Application for Enrolment in WBHS, its processing and approval has to be performed online through WBHS Portal (www.wbhealthscheme.gov.in) by employees / pensioners and Head of Office as per the standard procedure.

However, a Group – D Employee or Pensioner (both superannuated and family) has the option to submit his/her application of enrolment in prescribed physical Form (can be downloaded from the WBHS Portal) to the Head of Office, who shall arrange for its entry, processing and approval through the WBHS Portal.

(P. A. Siddiqui, IAS)
Finance Department
Government of West Bengal

Signed Copy

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