Conciliation before CLC (C) over the Strike call of UFBU – BEFI


Circular No. 09/2020 17th February 2020

To all Units, Office Bearers, CC & GC Members

Dear comrades,

Conciliation before CLC (Central) on 17th Feb 2020

Conciliation before CLC (C) over the Strike call of UFBU was held today, as scheduled, in New Delhi where representatives of IBA, Department of Financial Services and all constituents of UFBU were present. On behalf of our Federation, Comrade C J Nandakumar, President; Sunil Mehandiratta, CC Member and the undersigned were present.

At the outset, the CLC (Central) criticised IBA for not holding any meeting since 30th Jan 2020. The IBA told that despite offer of 15% the UFBU continued with two day Strike call. We apprised the CLC (Central) that though the IBA Chairman offered 15% increase to UFBU on 30th Jan 2020, but he declined to discuss further on the other important matterrs like Merger of Special Allowance with Basic pay; Loading; 5 day banking; retirees issues. Hence, the two day Strike took place due to rigid attitude of IBA Chairman.

The CLC (Central) advised the IBA to discuss expeditiously for amicable solution of the dispute. The CLC also opined that several meetings may be held in next 15 days. The next date of conciliation has been fixed on 5th March 2020.

With greetings,

Yours comradely,

(Debasish Basu Chaudhury)
General Secretary

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