CBSE Secondary and Senior School Curriculum 2020-21



March 31, 2020
Cir No Acad-21/2020

All Heads of Institutions affiliated to CBSE

Subject: CBSE – Secondary and Senior School Curriculum 2020-21

The curriculum refers to the lessons and academic content to be taught to a learner in the school. It encompasses general objectives of learning, courses of study, subject- wise instructional objectives and content, pedagogical practices and assessment guidelines.

2. The curriculum provided by CBSE seeks to provide opportunities for students to achieve excellence in learning based on the National Curriculum Framework-2005 and are adopted/ adapted from the NCERT Curriculum.

3. It is important that schools ensure curriculum transaction as per directions given in the Curriculum document. The subjects to be taught must be as per syllabi given. Before going through the syllabus, the teachers must be well-versed with the strategies given in the initial pages of the curriculum. Therefore, it is desired that the head of the school may circulate the initial pages of the curriculum and the syllabi to all the teachers and ensure that curriculum is transacted as per the directions given therewith for optimal learning and specifically to avoid difficulties for students at the time of the examinations.

4. It is reiterated that any deviation in transaction of the curriculum may seriously affect assessment of the student’s learning level and the preparation for the Board examinations. Please note that the Evaluation will be carried out exactly according to the syllabi given for the current academic year. Sample Question Papers with detailed design of the Question Paper will be made available on CBSE website during the progress of the academic session for reference.

5. Please refer to Circular No.Acad /18 dated March 16, 2020 on strengthening the Assessment and Evaluation Practices of the Board to know about the proposed changes. Hence, all the teachers and students are cognizant of the Curriculum Document (Initial Pages and Syllabus) in totality, which is available on

6. The Board will consider possible loss of instructional time in the academic session 2020-21 due to the closure of schools to prevent spread of COVID-19 as per directions from the Central Government and various State/UT Governments. Revision if any required in the syllabi and course and the pattern of Examination of various subjects on account of the above will be chalked out in consultation with the Course Committees of each subject as well as with the Examination Committee of the Board and notified in due course of time.

(Dr. Joseph Emmanuel)
Director (Academics)

Signed Copy

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