Bank Employees Union written a letter to FM for 11th Bipartite Settlement

Bank Employees Union written a letter to the Hon’ble Finance Minister, Govt. of India for 11th Bipartite Settlement

Here is the complete letter

“We understand you are aware that the tenure of 10th Bipartite Settlement(BPS) expired on 31.10.2017. Hence, the 11th Settlement is due for more than 21 months.

We felt happy coming across several communications issued to the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) by the Departmental of Financial Services (DFS) well before the expiry of 10th BPS advising to complete the negotiation process within 31.10.2017 and implement the 11th BPS with effect from 01.11.2017.

We are constrained to note that even now we are nowhere near to complete the negotiation process. Since February 2019, there had been no progress in the process with last round of talks held on 19th June 2019, almost two months ago. We humbly seek your kind intervention so that meaningful negotiation starts without any further delay.

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It will not be out of context to mention that a stalemate like situation has been created by some of the bank authorities centering round issue of mandate related to the officers wage revision. IBA signed nine joint notes, so far, with the officers’ associations covering Scale I to Scale VII. We are informed by IBA that though most of the banks provided mandate to negotiate up to Scale VII, some of the banks are reluctant to provide mandate up to Scale VII. We are further informed that these banks are of the opinion that IBA should discuss the matters only up to Scale III. We also request your intervention so that all the banks provide complete mandate to the IBA for settling pay and other service conditions of officers up to Scale VII as had been done so far.

Apart from wage revision, there are issues related to pensioners also. The pensions of retirees of the Central Government are revised with every Pay revision. We are happy to note that the Govt. of India recently approved revision of pension for the employees and officers of Reserve Bank of India. The pension of employees and officers of banks are yet to be revised since implementation of Pension Settlement of 1993. As per the Regulation, family pension is too meagre to manage minimum necessities for survival. The improvement of family pension in banks is long overdue. We would like to take the opportunity in requesting you to take a positive approach so that the revision of pension and improvement in family pension is effected at the earliest.

New Pension System (NPS) was made effective in banks through 9th BPS for employees and officers recruited in banks on and after 01.04.2010. Since 10th BPS, United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU), the umbrella platform of unions of employees and officers are demanding for discontinuing NPS and covering all employees and officers under defined pension scheme. It was not resolved in 10th BPS. In the ongoing negotiation for 11th BPS also the unions reiterated the demand in this regard. We seek your intervention in this matter also.

Madam, you will surely feel that the lackadaisical approach adopted by the concerned authorities causing inordinate delay in completing the wage revision. The employees and officers, quite obviously, are getting disappointed over the state of affairs. In the prevailing circumstances, we would look forward to your necessary advice to the IBA to expedite the wage negotiation by taking the above mentioned issues into consideration.”

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