Authorization of CSRF by employer : PFRDA



CIR No: PFRDA/2020/2/CORP/1

Date: 24th March, 2020

All Stakeholders

Subject : Authorization of CSRF by employer

1. World Health Organisation has already recognized COVID-19 outbreak as a global pandemic and in light of various advisories issued by Ministries of Central Government/State Governments/ Local Administrations/Corporates for taking precautions to avoid spreading of the pandemic, many employers have implemented / encourage employees to work from home.

2. In light of the above and requests received from Points of Presence, it has been decided to allow employers/corporates to authorize the NPS Subscriber Registration Forms submitted by their employees through email instead of physical authentication subject to the following conditions:

– employee authorizations should be from the email ids of the Nodal Officer or the Alternate Nodal Officers as registered in CRA records.

– upon resumption of normalcy, re-authorization of employees by employer/corporate on their letter head to be collected by PoPs for all such cases.

3. The corporates / employers already authorizing the forms through online methods may continue the process as is.

Yours Sincerely

(Mono MG Phukon)
General Manager

Signed Copy – Download PDF Copy here

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